Watch out for Connexun, the tech startup ready to disrupt the news api industry

Connexun is the first Italian AI news engine turning unstructured news content into multi-purpose actionable data, serving web developers, data scientists, startups and enterprises for a wide range of applications

By: Nikhil Aggarwal, Andrii Elyiv and Aldo Visibelli

Connexun is an innovative tech startup based in Milan (San Felice), Italy. It was founded by Indian entrepreneurs, Nikhil and Payal Aggarwal, to try and ease cultural integration and reduce information barriers. Its mobile app, downloaded and used by thousands of “new” Italians, with download peaks during Expo 2015, would guarantee relevant news and information about the location of residence and the country of origin to all those living abroad. It would do so by scraping news content published by over 20.000 highly trusted sources from 240 countries, in 36 different languages.

Connexun’s team in action

Today the Italian startup can celebrate a remarkable milestone towards its ultimate mission, the official launch on the market of its news and information API, its underlying technology. It has indeed decided to share and spread its valuable expertise and technical know-how with web developers, data scientists, startups and enterprises seeking to collect, search, and understand reliable news content at scale. Connexun thus becomes the first Italian AI news engine with the ultimate aim of better informing all (and in particular the underserved foreign communities) and giving the possibility to a great amount of innovative players to make good use of enriched structured information content.

Connexun’s news and information api are ideal for PR, marketing, media monitoring, media intelligence and data-journalism agencies, seeking to turn raw news content into multipurpose actionable data. It can also serve businesses and startups building their own applications or websites or seeking to scrape great volumes of webpages for highly relevant and reliable news content. It also offers a very generous free plan for web developers and data scientists.

Connexun’s news and information api are unique and are particularly valuable for distinct reasons. Firstly, they enable end users to grasp and understand the perspective of a broad range of trusted sources. Connexun takes pride in its highly selective source list. When reading and informing oneself on a specific matter (ie the recent Coronavirus crisis), the end user has the possibility to confront and understand the point of view of both reliable local and international media outlets.

Secondly, end users have access to automized multilingual summaries extrapolated from specific articles. Dynamic summaries depend on end users’ location, area of origin, interests and other variables. Connexun’s experienced international team of senior web developers and data scientists has put tremendous effort in developing news and information api capable of providing multilingual news feeds and summaries taking into account different types of applications.

B.I.R.B.AL., Connexun’s artificial intelligent engine that uses probabilistic models and news image analysis to spot premium content, detect and omit fake news, duplicates and unreliable content, and more, amongst scraped data, is at the heart of Connexun’s offering. It uses supervised and unsupervised machine learning algorithms and has been trained with a database including over a million articles in different languages, applying state of the art models of Natural Language Processing (NLP). Its technology is based on machine learning and deep learning and includes classification, interlanguage clustering, semantic analysis, news topics ranking, text summarization and other features to help filter news for different types of users and for different types of applications.

B.I.R.B.AL.’s acronym stands for “Brilliant Information Research Big data ALgorithm”. It comes from Raja Birbal, advisor and main commander of the Mughal emperor, renown for its wisdom and cleverness. Over the years Birbal became a legendary figure across the Indian subcontinent as tales narrate of him outsmarting rival courtiers and sometimes even Mughal’s emperor Akbar, merely using his intelligence and cunning.

At last, Connexun takes pride in providing news and content API at a very affordable price. The Italian AI news intelligence platform is seeking to provide ad hoc aggregation and summarization based on distinct variables and offer its news and information API at an extremely competitive price. This way its technology can be used for a wide range of applications from a wide range of potential users.

Whether you’re looking for news or events that matter to you, monitoring media mentions, scoring risk associated with companies or individuals, building your own application or website or seeking to scrape websites for highly relevant and reliable news content, Connexun’s crawling and classifying technologies may turn useful. To stay updated on the official launch of our news api follow us on: Linkedin Twitter or Medium or reach us out at



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Connexun is the ultimate AI news engine — turning unstructured news content into multi-purpose actionable data.