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Connexun | news api
2 min readApr 6, 2023


We are happy to announce that News API users will now be able to access the Connexun News API and gather thousands of articles directly through our website, removing any provider barrier in between. This will allow us to provide you with quick support in terms of setup and assistance needed while using our APIs.

Our Basic and Developer plan offering will allow developers and small businesses to start with their projects and scale up as their demand increases, while small to medium businesses with high traffic volume can start with our Professional plan. If you have need for even more calls on daily or monthly basis we can design a custom plan just for you that can suit those requirements, just reach out to us.

Our plans will give users access to all our endpoints wihtout any limitation on type of data they can get, thus allowing users to :

  • Track real-time trending global headlines
  • Filter news content through sentiment analysis
  • Follow multiple countries at once through Intercountry News API data
  • Sourced through news headlines by keyword
  • Access relevant news in your language of choice
Connexun News APi Pricing

Using Connexun

You can access and subscribe to the News APIs at:

We will be introducing new plans for our Text Analysis API through our website as well, but for the moment those who are interested in in them can contact us directly using the form available at

About Connexun

Connexun is an innovative tech startup based in Milano, Italy.

Connexun gathers news content from tens of thousands of open web sources worldwide; turning unstructured web content into machine-readable news data APIs. Its AI-powered news engine B.I.R.B.AL. empowers organizations to transform the world’s news into real-time business insight.



Connexun | news api

Connexun is the ultimate AI news engine — turning unstructured news content into multi-purpose actionable data.